The Pantry

{some essentials}

{some essentials}

Making your own beauty and cleaning products can seem a daunting task, there are a lot of speciality items that are difficult to source at times (ever hear of the internet? sheesh). However, there are a few fundamental things that you can have on hand that are used in many of the recipes. In the photo above, we included some things that are useful to have on hand when starting your scientific endeavors:

Stick Blender: Great for emulsifying! Beefy arms and a whisk will work as well, however, this is a great tool to have for just about anything. From soups to lotions, you’ll not be disappointed to have this lying around your kitchen.

Kitchen Scale: A lot of recipes are by weight instead of by cup, which is what makes having a scale handy. Sure, you can do the conversions, but sometimes it’s a pain and it’s not totally accurate. This is also a great thing to have in your house for baking, or weighing your hamster.

Beeswax: An essential ingredient in a lot of beauty products and of course the namesake of the blog. Cristiana happens to have a beekeeping cousin, you may not. However, there are a lot of great resources on the internet for procuring beeswax.

Coconut Oil: Another great essential and relatively easy to find at most health food stores. Probably delicious on toast as well (maybe?).

Essential Oils: The good smelling stuff. Here’s where you can get creative with different fragrances that tickle your nose hairs, or with combinations that are useful for certain conditions or skin types (more on that to come later in the blog).

Some other ingredients that aren’t pictured, but are useful are:

Baking Soda: You can use the ol’ run of the mill arm and hammer, however, that is chemically processed, so it isn’t “natural”. Non-chemically treated baking soda can be found at most grocery stores.

Corn Starch or Arrow Root: Used as a thickening agent in many recipes.

Vegetable Glycerine: An emulsifying agent of sorts, and also acts as a sweetener in things like toothpaste or lip balm.


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