Vinegar, how I love thee.

We’ve said it before, and we will certainly say it many times again. We LOVE vinegar. Like for serious, love it. We have used it on our faces, hair, bathtubs, etc… Yesterday, I used it on my clothes, which were whimsically speckled with my own blood.

As the story goes, I went to get another hole poked into my nose, and basically ended up bleeding out a little bit all over my shirt and jeans. No big deal (and if you were wondering, yes, it looks rad). I was pretty breezy about being covered in my own blood, but you know, one tends to look a little crazy when walking around town like that. So I headed to a bar next door and asked the barkeep for two fingers of white vinegar and some napkins, he obliged despite being visibly confused/annoyed. I dabbed it onto the stains and they all but magically evaporated! Had I gotten to them sooner, I might have been able to eliminate them completely (there was only a slight faintness of them that I am sure would have come out with a bit more elbow grease/will definitely come out in the wash).

I did a bit more research and discovered that vinegar gets just about ANYTHING out. There are tons of homemade stain removers that you can explore here. However, I can be lazy and sometimes when I spill/hemmorage I just want to throw something on it immediately. For your convenience (and my amusement) I have made a handy little flow-chart for some common stains that you can use white vinegar on.

{I love flow charts ALMOST as much as I love vinegar}

{I love flow charts ALMOST as much as I love vinegar}

There will likely be more posts in the future about the perils of stains, but I just wanted to share this quick little one because I was so goddamned amazed (as always) by vinegar. Really, it’s just the best.