Homespun Apothecary

I love the Internet for a multitude of reasons. These reasons include videos of sea otters doing cute things, all of buzzfeed, and finding rad folks who are making really lovely all-natural skin products. I stumbled upon a site called Homespun Apothecary, which is a blog and online store that sells handcrafted salves and balms for a variety of common maladies.  This lovely husband and wife team make a balm for nerve pain, achy body balm and a magic put-this-stuff-on-anything balm just to name a few. The descriptions of the products are delightfully in depth and cover everything from the story behind the product, to it’s intended uses and benefits, as well as a breakdown of why they used certain ingredients. Naturally I had to buy something and will likely buy EVERYTHING they make.

I went with That Healing Feeling Balm, which is the aforementioned put-this-stuff-on-anything balm. The main ingredient is Plantain, which is apparently some MAGICAL plant which is used throughout the world to treat a bevy of conditions. I chose this one in particular because of its suggested use for new tattoos and piercings. I have gotten a few tattoos in my day, and am in the process of getting a large piece on my arm re-worked. While I enjoy getting tattoos I have never found the perfect after-care treatment. I use the recommended three days of aquaphor, but I could do without that, it’s a goopy mess and you know, it’s like petroleum. Which may be weird? I don’t know. Anyway, I usually switch to something less goopy for the rest of the healing process, and this time around I have been using straight coconut oil. Which has provided a reasonable amount of moisture, but still, not a perfect solution. Anyone who has gotten a tattoo can appreciate the search for the perfect concoction that not only moisturizes but also maybe does something to soothe the you-look-like-you-might-have-scabies itching.

I ordered the balm through their online store and received the package a few business days later with a handwritten thank you note. Man, do I love a good handwritten thank you note. Goes a long way in my book. These folks are doing it right. The balm has a delightful consistency, and smells like sweet, sweet medicinal herbal goodness. Which is exactly what I want my medicine to smell like, plants. It should smell like plants.

We try to inspire you here with easy recipes to make some useful products on your own, but you know what, I am no herbalist. So when it comes to stuff like this, I am going to look elsewhere and support people who are making really great, all natural, and action-packed products, and you should too! Check out their site and use the coupon code NEWBIE at checkout to receive 10% off your first order!

{so much love in this jar!}

{so much love in this jar!}


5 thoughts on “Homespun Apothecary

  1. Thank you so much for featuring our product on your blog! It is always exciting to see other people talking about us. We get all excited and jump around the shop like idiots. 🙂 We are thrilled to hear that you love the Healing Feeling Balm as much as we do.

    Homespun Apothecary


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